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Syl language specifications


In the context of the Sylcomp Project, a compiler will eventually be developed based on the Syl programming language. Here are discussed the main features of the Syl language. As Syl is still in the planning stages, all those who are interested in participating in the development of these characteristics are welcome (Click * here * to give your name). This is about the development of language itself. If you are more interested in developing the compiler itself, rather click * here ** here * .

First of all

For experienced programmers, there is an exciting side to getting involved in the development of a new language. Now is the time to suggest adding a feature that you always wanted to have and that was sorely lacking during your application development. In this sense, all suggestions are welcome. However, if only to have a chance that the feature is accepted and developed, it is preferable to know the "philosophy" which will be at the base of the Syl programming language.

Philosophy (in the form of constraints and / or targets)

  • Syl should contain both low level and high level instructions.
  • The "low level" part should be similar to C at the functionality level but NOT at the syntax level.
  • Basically, the low-level part of Syl will be a subset of C, implementing pretty much all data types of C.
  • More to come ...